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Serving Northern Allegheny & Butler Counties

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Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors in Butler County, PA

When our appliances malfunction—either due to neglecting maintenance or from a freak accident—it invites the risk of a fire or carbon monoxide leak. During those times, there’s nothing more important for your safety than properly working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors (they are legal requirements, after all). Not having them in your Butler County home would be putting the lives of yourself, your family, or any renters in danger.

There are several options for carbon monoxide detector installation and smoke detector installation. What you choose is largely up to whatever gives you the most peace of mind and comfort. Fortunately, our electricians can help you find the right detectors, and our expertise will have them installed with your peace of mind intact. Kennihan Plumbing & Heating, Inc. has a team of licensed electricians ready to do the job for you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Contact us today to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in Butler County or the surrounding area. We treat your home like it’s our grandma’s home.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation Is Mandatory for Homes with Furnaces

If you’re using even one fuel-burning appliance, you need a carbon monoxide detector. Often, that means those who own a gas furnace. Although these systems rarely have issues when properly maintained, a damaged system can create a carbon monoxide leak. This can happen in instances such as a cracked heat exchanger or a damaged flue pipe.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and highly poisonous gas—the only way to detect its presence is through a CO detector. It’s essential that your detector is installed properly and regularly tested.

Smoke Detectors

Every home is required to have a smoke detector, so we don’t have to tell you the importance of why you need them. But what you may not have known is that there are different types that detect smoke in different ways. The ones you choose to have in your home.

  • Ionization smoke detectors use a tiny bit of radioactive material to create a constant current. When the smoke disrupts that current, it sounds the alarm.
  • Photoelectric smoke detectors use a beam of light as the trigger. When smoke crosses the light, it scatters the light waves and triggers the alarm.

Both detectors have their particular uses, and it’s suggested that a combination of them are used throughout the home. Even more importantly, you’ll want to test them and call us for smoke detector replacement during the appropriate times.

Power Sources and Other Variations

Another important consideration is how you plan to power these detectors. 9-volt batteries are a popular choice, but require actively replacing them. There are also variations that uses lithium batteries—rated for nearly a decade of use—and can be interconnected with other detectors. This is important for use in homes with multiple floors.

Some detectors have high-intensity strobe lights that can be lifesavers for those with hearing impairments. Let Kennihan Plumbing & Heating, Inc. assess your Butler County home and we’ll help you determine the best carbon monoxide detector installation for you. We’ve been helping residents of the Northern Allegheny & Butler Counties since 1969, and we’re happy to do the same for you.

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