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Serving Northern Allegheny & Butler Counties

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Serving Northern Allegheny & Butler Counties

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Boiler Services in Butler County, PA

When it comes to the cold, there are few heating systems with a reputation for comfort that’s on par with boilers. Even though they’re not the most common heating systems used in our nation, we can’t deny that boilers have some unique benefits that make them a fine choice for many homes. If that wasn’t true, we wouldn’t be installing them for the families of the Northern Allegheny & Butler Counties!

With fewer moving parts than other heaters, a boiler will have very few problems throughout its life. But that’s only true when the boiler has been properly installed in the first place! Kennihan Plumbing & Heating, Inc. and our team of certified technicians are fully qualified to install every part of your boiler, from the piping to the gas line. Contact us today about boiler installation and we’ll set you up with a free estimate.

You can count on us to help you with all of your boiler services in Butler County. We treat your home like it’s our grandma’s home.

Why Consider a Boiler?

Boiler systems traditionally use radiators to circulate hot steam through your rooms. This system provides many benefits:

  • Fewer Repairs: Boilers use fewer moving parts than other heating systems. Fewer parts means fewer repairs, contributing to fewer repair needs and less money spent on boiler services.
  • Energy Efficient: Boilers use water to transger heat. Since water is a better conductor for heat than air, you can expect your boiler to heat the air quicker and with less energy.
  • Better Air Quality: Since boilers don’t blow air around the house, that means less dirt and dust will be kicked up and blown around. Boilers are effective heaters for those who are sensitive to allergens and asthma triggers.

We Also Provide Oil Boiler Installations

Natural gas boilers are the most common kinds of boilers in the nation, but not everyone can—or wants—to use natural gas. Especially here in Butler County and the surrounding areas, it’s not uncommon for some homes to be out of reach of gas access.

In that case, you’ll find that heated oil boilers aren’t just acceptable substitutes, they can even exceed the efficiency and power of natural gas.

  • Oil can be cheaper than natural gas.
  • There’s no shortage of oil, especially if using biodiesel.
  • Heating oil is clean and produces almost zero emissions.

Call Our Team for Boiler Maintenance and Replacements

When the time does come for boiler repairs or maintenance, you’re going to want no one less than the best to have it done for you. After all the work required to install it, it would be a shame to have it ruined by an amateur repair job.

If your boiler is leaking, not heating properly, or is exhibiting some other strange behavior, then it’s time for a repair. You can always get in touch with Kennihan Plumbing & Heating, Inc. and explain your issue. We’ve been helping residents of Butler County and the surrounding areas since 1969, and we’re always eager to add more members to our family.

And when the time has come for boiler replacement, you can count on us for that too. You’ll know it’s time when the cost to keep running your boiler exceeds that of running a new one.

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