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Serving Northern Allegheny & Butler Counties

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Serving Northern Allegheny & Butler Counties

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Heat Pumps in Butler County, PA

If you know anything about heat pumps, you’ve most likely heard about all the benefits they offer. Air conditioning and heating in one system, unmatched efficiency, and more. A good heat pump will last you over 15 years, but that’s only if it’s properly installed and maintained throughout its lifetime. That’s nothing you have to worry about, though, when you have your heat pump services done by Kennihan Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

We’ve served the Northern Allegheny & Butler Counties with HVAC services since 1969. Throughout that time, we’ve remained family owned and operated, giving families in the area the same level of service that we would give to our own grandmas. Whether you need a brand-new heat pump installation or some repairs, we’re the ones to call. We service heat pumps in Butler County, PA and the surrounding area. Contact us today to get started.

Contact us today to get a free estimate on your heat pump needs. We treat your home like it’s our grandma’s home.

Heat Pumps Are True to Our Core Purpose

One of our main goals is to keep your home Safe, Healthy, Comfortable, and Energy Efficient. When it comes to heat pumps, there’s nothing that fits the description better.

These systems use electricity, but they use it much more efficiently than other electric heating and cooling systems. That’s thanks in part to the way they move heat through the air, as opposed to generating it from combustion. All-electric also means you avoid any dangers associated with natural gas.

Their ability to switch between heating and cooling modes ensures that you’ll be comfortable all year-round, all with incredible efficiency.

Supplement with a Dual Fuel System Installation

To truly maximize comfort and efficiency, you can also opt for a dual fuel system installation. The easiest way to think of this system is as a heat pump with a furnace attached.

Its primary mode of operation is that of a heat pump. Through summer and winter, it will run using electricity. As soon as the winters become too cold, however, your heat pump might have a difficult time maintaining efficiency. This is where the furnace comes in. The dual fuel system will automatically detect when efficiency is low, and it will begin operating its secondary mode: the gas-fueled furnace.

Furnaces happen to be very efficient in Butler County’s lower temperatures, making them an excellent supplementary heating system to go alongside the heat pump. By using the two systems in conjunction with each other, you’ll be able to maintain comfort all while using both systems in the most efficient way possible. Since these devices have a gas furnace attached, it’s especially important to get regularly scheduled dual fuel system maintenance and prompt repairs.

We Service Heat Pumps and Dual Fuel Systems

Kennihan Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is fully certified to perform all services for your heat pumps and dual fuel systems. We offer heat pump repair and maintenance all year-round. You can always get in touch with us for your installation or heat pump replacement, and we’ll be happy to assess your Butler County home and give you a free estimate. Contact us today to find out if these systems are right for you.

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