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Serving Northern Allegheny & Butler Counties

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UV Water Purifiers in Butler County, PA

Unfortunately, the fresh water that enters your plumbing system in Butler County isn’t always safe. There are many pollutants that can seep through the ground water and into the municipal pipes carrying water. Avoiding it would be no easy task. Fortunately, water treatment systems are a good way to combat this. But some of the worst pollutants that can appear in your water are bacteria and microbes. They might easily enter your water from fertilizer or through other ground sources. They often get past standard filters, so you’re going to need a UV water treatment system.

Ultraviolet water purifiers are your first line of defense against these persistent contaminants. There’s no need to tolerate these impurities in your water, so don’t be afraid to call Kennihan Plumbing & Heating, Inc. and hire our licensed master plumbers. They’ll test your water to confirm the presence of impurities and install the proper UV water treatment system to match. Contact us today to schedule water treatment services in Butler County, PA and the surrounding area.

Contact us today for UV water treatment installation in Butler County, PA or the surrounding area. We treat your home like it’s our grandma’s home.

How Ultraviolet Water Purifiers Work

You’ve most likely heard of the benefits of ultraviolet radiation. Whether it’s to disinfect a toothbrush or keep a hospital free of airborne illness, UV lights are used to destroy organic pollutants. The same function can be applied to the water, as well.

All the water that goes through your system will have to go past the UV purifier. The light will bathe that water and disrupt the cellular functions of bacteria, microbes, and other organic impurities. Whether it kills the germs outright or simply makes them unable to reproduce, the impurities will be rendered harmless. UV lights are harmless to pets and humans, so there’s no side effect of using them.

UV Water Treatment System Installation

Before installing anything, however, you’ll first want to have your water thoroughly tested. There’s no need to get a water treatment system unless you truly have contaminants in your water supply. We’ll get to the bottom of it with a water test. If the test shows that large amounts of microbes and bacteria are in your water, we’ll give our recommendation for a UV water purifier and even perform the installation for you.

Once the system is in place, it won’t need much maintenance or repairs. You’ll simply want to have it checked with every general plumbing maintenance check to ensure that the bulb doesn’t need replacement.

Full Water Treatment Services in Butler County

We’ve helped residents of the Northern Allegheny and Butler Counties with their plumbing since 1969. How? By treating every home like it was our grandma’s home! When our master plumbers arrive at your home, they’ll be assessing your home plumbing system with trained and experienced eyes. If they see something that isn’t right, they won’t leave without telling you. You can trust them with your UV water treatment system as well as any of your plumbing needs. Contact Kennihan Plumbing & Heating, Inc. today for an estimate to discover your options for water treatment.

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