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Kennihan Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Blog

How Your Plumbing Impacts Your IAQ

We know that when you think about how your plumbing could potentially negatively affect your home, you’re probably thinking of issues like water damage. But did you know that your plumbing can impact your indoor air quality too? When we’re talking about “plumbing” here, we’re speaking about your sewer line in particular. As you know, it’s important that any type of waste leaving your home stays away from your living space.

If you’re concerned with keeping your plumbing system and indoor air quality system in amazing shape, then you should contact one of our professional plumbers in Cranberry Township, PA. We know how to keep your home in great shape. In fact, we specialize in fast, efficient, and high-quality work.

How Plumbing and IAQ Go Hand-in-Hand

Your sewer line can start to affect your indoor air quality through an unfortunate domino effect. Your sewer line may start to leak and then your house can develop problems like mold, asbestos, mildew, etc. that affect your indoor air quality. You might experience the following:

  • Rashes on your body
  • Fatigue
  • Asthma or respiratory issues
  • Longer colds or more frequent colds
  • Irritation with your sinus system
  • Respiratory infections

If you’re experiencing any of the problems above, we’re sure that it hasn’t gone unnoticed. But if this blog has helped you make the connection to your plumbing system, then make sure you call one of our professionals ASAP.

Other Ways to Spot a Sewer Line Problem

A lot of the times, the symptoms of a sewer problem aren’t something you’d outright associate with your sewer line. If you notice these issues, make sure that you’re taking note of the problem and calling one of our plumbers soon after:

Cracking Concrete

Are your home’s pathways starting to crack and crumble? Sometimes there are changes that you just can’t account for, but other times odd pressure in your sewer line will put force on your concrete and cause it to crack.

The Grass Is Always Greener…

… and greener … and greener. It’s honestly starting to get a little suspicious! You take care of your yard, but you’d be the first to admit that you’re not on top of your landscaping the way that you could be and, yet, your grass is flourishing. We understand why you wouldn’t want to question this, since it is such a pleasant thing, but we want to point out the potential problem here. A sewer leak is great for your yard. Your grass and plants use this waste as fertilizer.

You Need Rainboots to Walk Through Your Yard

Is your front or backyard full of squishy puddles? This is an unpleasant problem, and it’s likely caused by an unexpected leak in your plumbing system.

The Phantom Sink

Is there a distinct sound of rushing water in your home even when all your faucets are turned off? What you might be hearing is something coming from within the walls or flooring. Don’t let your plumbing system leak internally. Instead, call our professionals.

Contact our professionals for your plumbing services today. We treat your home like it’s our grandma’s home.

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