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Late Season Heating Problems: Cracked Heat Exchangers

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

It’s finally spring here in Butler County but the temperatures are still a little chilly. You’re probably still relying on your heater to thaw you out on these cold winter mornings. We’ve had a long period of cold weather this year and record-breaking low temperatures too—your heater has been through quite a lot.

There are some common problems that arise when your heater is put to the test like this. If you notice any weird things going on with your heating system then it’s a great idea to call up a professional from our team. Schedule an appointment for heating repair in Butler County, PA. We see a lot of cracked heat exchangers during this time of year. This is an incredibly dangerous problem in any home, so we’ll run through the basics of what a heat exchanger is, what it means when it cracks, and how to fix it below.

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Invest in Your Home with Air Quality Testing

Monday, April 8th, 2019

If someone asked you the ways that you invest in your home, your mind probably leaps to upgrades in your major home appliances, landscaping, or maybe even small remodeling efforts. These are all great ways to boost the overall quality of your home. Today we want to dive a little deeper into your home health and encourage you to boost your home through air quality testing.

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